Jaime Calvo Montón

Wie is Jaime:

I am 22 years old, I am from Spain and I finished my Physiotherapy studies in June of 2022 in Universidad Miguel Hernández, San Juan, in Spain. I came to The Netherlands to start growing as a professional and to build a career in this country. Despite the fact that I am new in this profession, I already work with neurological, traumatological, pediatric and intensive care patients. But also with amateur and elite athletes. 

Waarom Fysiotherapie:

I always wanted to study something related with health care. I feel good when I help people. And through physiotherapy I can get to know the patients, create connections and rate the results of the treatments in a long term. In other words, physiotherapists go along with the patient during the hole injury process. 

Sport massage is a really good technique to improve the circulation and oxygenation of the body, to accelerate muscular recovery and reduce muscular pain. Nevertheless it is also a moment where the athlete can relax both physically and mentally. 



Opleidingen in het kort:

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